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Punk Stuff
  • 45 Grave   Detailed discography with release dates, photos and bios.
  • Artrouble C21 / David Allen   Photos and graphic design from David Allen and the late Jules Bates; the folks who brought you many of the first wave of LA punk fliers, Dickies and Devo album covers, and other monumental events.
  • Blank Generation   Punk record reviews; garage, pogo punk, power pop, oi, street punk, and '77 style. Also news, editorials, and punk history.
  • The Crowd   Veteran HB punk band's "official" website.
  • Epitaph Records   Official site, with info and pictures of most Epitaph bands.
  • Gash Cream   Garage/punk/metal record reviews, editorials, humor and stories.
  • The House of the Rising Punk   Gobs of punk links, sorted by catagory.
  • OLD PUNKS WEBZINE ARCHIVE   Now semi-deceased. Formerly massive site with commentary, jokes and reviews of concerts, albums, TV and movies.
  • The Punk and Ska Archive   Links, reviews, tabs, chat room and message board.
  • Punk Rock in So Cal   An amazingly complete and detailed discography of the early days of Southern California punk. Lots of nice thumbnails of punk vinyl sleeves.
  • Search & Destroy!   Punk search engine with free e-mail, net radio and links sorted by catagories.
  • SiX fOot cRoW   An Ezine which covers a wide variety of cool offensive stuff.
  • Starvation Records   Home page for indie punk label. Editorials, MP3's, band info, and chat room.
  •   A nice assortment of weird underground stuff, from music to counter-culter, socio-political issues.
  •   Lots of links, reviews, and a forum.
  • World Wide Punk   The mother of all punk sites; Links, reviews, interviews, MP3's, and extremely entertaining message boards.
  • X   Discography, bio, and pictures.
  • Zed Records   This web page is all that remains of So Cal's oldest/coolest import/punk record store, formerly in Long Beach.
  • The Zero Jr. Archives   Loads of links and articles related to punk history.

Other Interesting Stuff
  • Animation Factory   Loads of free animated gif files.
  • Bartcop   Left leaning political humor, news and cartoons. Updated almost daily.
  • Betty Bowers is a Better Christian than You   Well executed religious parody page with adept use of Shockwave animation. Betty Bowers is a better Christian than Dr. Laura.
  • Brunching Shuttlecocks   Weird humor page, updated frequently.
  • ChildCare Action Project   A conservative christian page, that rates movies according to violence, sexual content and blasphemy. They warn you which movies have "excessive breast jiggle", "naked statues" (Star Wars, Episode 1), and "disrespect towards elders". Unintentionally hilarious, a must see.
  • Church of the SubGenius   A religion (!?!) that worships a god named "Bob" (you can't spell his name backwards).
  • Hate and other Neat Stuff   Images and information about various Peter Bagge comics, including Hate.
  • The Incident   Alleged photos of a strange, secret ritual held by a psychic society in 1950's Germany. This looks like a prank by someone with an extremely bent sense of humor, but it could be real ... who knows?
  • Rense.Com   Stories and news about UFO's, ghosts, yeti and other phenomenon, plus liberal commentary and opinion from radio personality Jeff Rense, who has a 1980's poodle-style haircut and is proud of it, but still puts together an interesting site, none-the-less.
  • Sam Sloan's Home Page   Tons of stuff to read here, all written by Sam Sloan, a New York taxi driver and world chess champion. This guy has everything from conspiracy theories about how Jerry Fallwell kidnapped his children, to details of how he cyber-stalked an ex-girlfriend who sued him. Crazy but Entertaining.
  •   Guerilla art show & culture jammers' handbook.
  • This Modern World   Tons of great cartoons and animations, plus a fascinating blog by alternative cartoonist Tom Tommorrow.
  • Voxfux   Truth and anger, plus independant news and commentary
  • What Really Happened?   Alternative news, opinion, and thought-provoking conspiracy theories.
  • Jim Woodring   A bizarre and entertaining page from the creator of Frank, Pupshaw, and ManHog. If you've never seen Frank comics, you should.
  • Yesterland   A site that documents old Disneyland rides and attractions that were discontinued and no longer exist. Whoah Look! It's the Flying Saucer Ride ... what a flashback. If you grew up in OC, it's hard not to appreciate this site.


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