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New Scans - Updated 1/1/03

Agent Orange, the Galaxy, Fullerton, 1982 Alley Cats, Music Machine, L.A., 1983 Black Flag, Palm Springs Pavillion, 1982? CH3, The Troubadour, Hollywood, 1983 Circle Jerks, Perkin's Palace, Pasadena, 1983 Circle Jerks, The Vex, East L.A., 1982? Din, Spatz, Huntington Beach, 1985 D.O.A, Olympic Auditorium, L.A., 1984 Fat & Fucked Up, The Brave Dog, L.A., 1981? Fibonaccis, Ichabod's, Fullerton, 1983 El Grupo Sexo, Spatz, Huntington Beach, 1985 Lonerz, Roxanne's, Arcadia, 1983? The Mentors, Meadowlark Country Club, Huntington Beach, 1986 M.I.A., Cathay de Grande, Hollywood, 1983 PiL, Olympic Auditorium, L.A., 1984 Psychobud, Lhasa Club, Hollywood, 1983 The Weirdos, the Whiskey, Hollywood, 1979? (Courtesy David Allen / Artrouble C21) White Flag, the Troubadour, Hollywood, 1983

Flyer Scan Archives

  • A through B:   45 Grave, Adolescents, Agent Orange, Alien Sex Fiend, Alley Cats, Angelic Upstarts, Anti Club, Big Wow, Black Flag, and others.
  • C through D:   CH3, Circle Jerks, Concert Factory (Club), Dead Kennedys, D.I., Dickies, Doll Hut, and others.
  • E through O:   Eddie and the Subtitles, Exploited, FEAR, G.B.H., Hari Kari, Hate Club, Jimmy and the Mustangs, Mau Maus, Meat Puppets, Middle Class, Minutemen, Misfits, New Order, and others.
  • P through S:   The Plugz, Iggy Pop, Public Image Redd Kross, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Savage Republic, Silencers, Social Distortion, Specimen, Suburban Lawns, Subhumans, Suicidal Tendencies, and others.
  • T through Z:   Top Jimmy and the Rhythm Pigs, T.S.O.L., Vandals, Vex Club, Wasted Youth, Weirdos, and others.


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